Meet The Team
  1. Arthur Pollak
    Arthur, son of founder L. Pollak, has been a food distribution industry veteran for over 35 years. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Arthur has experience in every aspect of food distribution operation and currently oversees, Sales, Product Procurement, Customer Relations, and Strategic Planning
  2. Shlomo Pollak
    Shlomo is a son of L. Pollak and has been and is a food distribution industry veteran for over 25 years. Shlomo is Vice President at Pollak Foods and oversees Midwest Customer Relations and Sales, Foodsevice Financial Planning Development and Data Design, and Healthcare Consulting
Employee Contact

Abie - 314-637-5810

Arthur - 216-870-0607
Weekend/Holiday/Emergency Contact
Avi - 216-410-2779

Yaakov - 216-287-5738

Michael - 216-956-6762
Stan – 216 – 870-0608
Cat – 216-870-8294
  1. Menashe Weiser
    Menashe is Chief of Operations and External Operations and has food distribution industry experience of over 13 years. Menashe, oversees Internal IT, Operational Logistics, Financial Systems, Internal/External Technology Systems Coordination
  2. Abie Greenblatt
    Abie is Director of Internal Operations overseeing Daily Operations, Warehouse and Transportation Logistics, Regional Strategic Development, and Oversees Human Resources.
  3. Avishai Green (Avi)
    Avishai is Head of Procurement and Sourcing at Pollak Foods. Avishais has a strong exposure to wide arrays of food catalogue, menu requirement, and manufacture capabilities and sourcing possibilities. Avishai oversees inventory optimality and readiness.
  4. Avrohom Pollak (Avi)
    Avrohom Pollak Oversees Strategic Relations and Sales at Pollak Foods as well as Financial Data and Program Design and day to day management of custom designed data and financial program solutions for customers Avrohom has a strong sales portfolio and sales growth record and is responsible for overseeing and mentoring sales associates and new growth opportunities. .
  5. Devorah Margeretan
    Devorah is the Senior Customer Support Team Leader at Pollak. Devorah oversees the facilitation of customer orders and the smooth functioning of any customer issues. Devorah leads customer issue responses and is universally appreciated by Pollak customers. .
  6. Yaakov Pollak
    Yaakov has food industry experience of over 13 years and is involved in multiple aspects of Sales, Finance, and Strategic Planning at Pollak Foods.
  7. Wayne Toszek
    CEO and founder of Innovations Services food service training and consulting company to the restaurant, education and healthcare industries. Wayne has created fun and interesting, training videos, software for long term care, posters and cartoons for the foodservice industry and is the author of many books and articles about foodservice and innovative dining programs. Wayne is a noted speaker and seminar leader to leading organizations and conventions. Innovations Services and Pollak partner together in many areas and projects of foodservice support.
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